In the streets are animals, like dogs and cats, which are exposed to risk or in need of help. In response, pro-animal associations are in a position to provide assistance, however the demand for required actions is not satisfied due to limited resources and volunteers.
PetSave is a mobile app capable of creating anyone a volunteer for a few minutes and instantly, and help rescue an animal at risk. Thus, providing the user the possibility to feel he or she did a good deed in their daily routine causes a feeling of satisfaction and greatness.
PetSave app
Splash screen & timeline
PetSave has 3 different types of users:
The REPORTERS are users who in their daily lives would like to help for minutes to save an animal. Their main function is to report animals in danger they observe in their way to work, walking through the park, etc. Their reports will be transfered to the Savers.
The SAVERS are users who have an special affection for animals. They're usually members of local pro-animals associations, and make a space in their agendas to help. Their main function is to attend the reports made by the Reporters, moving to the point of rescue, and taking care of the animal.
The PROFFESIONALS are associations pro-animals and veterinarians who attend the animals in risk carried by the Savers. Their function in to deliver professional help to the animals.
PetSave users
Reporter screens
Saver & Professional screens
PetSave sample wireframe
Project co-created with Sofia Luna
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